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RPP – Rotative Punch Press

RPP – Rotative Punch Press

Sheet processing can be done multi-directionally and flexibly up to 4 mm thickness on ERMAK Punch Press.


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RPP series manufactured by ERMAKSAN’s proved quality and experience on production of sheet metal workbenches is being presented to the utility of our clients open to technology and continual innovation.

Strong mono block rigid C type body built up by stress relieved welded steel construction has high acceleration axes and designed to allow sheet loading from 3 sides economically and the operation to be watched easily.

Sheet processing can be done multi-directional and flexible until 4 mm thickness on ERMAK Punch Press.

Hydraulic, electronic, electric and mechanic components that are respected with its high quality worldwide have been used on the machine. In addition to its superior features and strong rigid body, main goal of ERMAK RPP series is high productivity and flexibility by means of angular moving C, B top and bottom tool axes working synchronized with X, Y, A machine axes

High efficiency
Through the moving axes of the lower and the upper tool C, B axes working synchronized with X, Y, A axis to fulfill different production demands and high efficiency, flexibility are targeted.

Customer benefits

  • It allows users to produce parts on the first day with its simple and user friendly menu guide.
  • It can make punch up to 6mm easily.
  • Ability to make angled cuts.
  • It provides cutting precision.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
  • Easy installatıon and training.
  • Fanuc 31i-P
  • Part program memory, 256 kb
  • Memory C, FROM / SRAM, 16 mb / 1 mb
  • PCMCIA and USB Port
  • Inch / metric conversion
  • Workpiece coordinate system
  • Reader / Puncher interface 1
  • External message
  • Cutter compensation C
  • Registered programs, 125
  • Extended part program editing
  • Run hour & parts count display
  • Graphic display
  • Multi-piece machining
  • Multiple tool control
  • Safety zone check
  • Clamp zone avoidance function
  • Safety zone area expansion


  • X.Y,A,C,B Axis
  • Fanuc 31i-P Controller
  • USB entrance at panel
  • Protective USB (Power Supply) for electricity cut off and voltage undulation
  • ETHERNET Interface for Communication and Network Connection between the office and machine
  • The operator panel activates easily the velocity of axes, clamp functions, reference positions, trap and tool and punch functions.
  • 2 pieces ERMAK sheet holder clamps
  • Mobil Command Foot Pedal
  • Automatic Repositioning (for sheets wider than 2000 mm and for zones under clamps. Check of work zone by CAD/CAM
  • Brushed Type Table Cooler
  • Automatic CNC controlled trap (Scrap / Part discrimination)
  • Wheeled Scrap Box
  • ERMAK-MATRIX Sextet Multi TOOL “D Station ” ( Punch, Die, Stripper) A station round 8, 10, 20 mm, rectangular 4×20 mm (2 nos.), square 15×15 mm
  • Semiautomatic Nesting (1 nos. software, 1 nos. dongle), postprocessor
  • Machine Instruction and Maintenance Manual

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