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FIBERMAK HAWK – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

FIBERMAK HAWK – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With a combination of German tech and Turkish manufacturing the Fibermak Hawk is the perfect Eco-solution for low budget – high performance expecting customers!

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  • 1.5m x 3m Cutting Dimension
  • 15″ Beckhoff Touch Screen Control
  • Precitec Light Cutting Head
  • Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM Software
  • ​Ermaksan Resonator
  • Open Table Design
  • Removable Scrap Trays
  • Fume Extraction System
  • Precise Height Control
  • Cutting Head Protection Shield


All software on the Control Panel has been developed by the Ermaksan engineers and special additions can be made.

  • Control panel is the unit which controls the system and sends the user commands to the machine.
  • Control panel is resistant to various environmental conditions: Shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • Touch screen and an external keyboard is available.
  • The axis speed can be controlled with the speed adjustment potentiometer on the control panel.
  • NC graphic display.


  • Manually Adjustable Focus Lens
  • Precise Height Control
  • Lower Protection Glass

Cutting capabilities of 6 mm MS by Ermak 500 W, 10 mm MS by Ermak 1000 W resonators.

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