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ECO-BEND – CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

ECO-BEND – CNC Hydraulic Press Brake


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Designed and manufactred based on your needs.

CNC Hydraulic Eco-Bend offers wide variety of options on top of its most preferred standard features. Eco-Bend Press Brake is user friendly and also offers its owners cost  effective solutions.

CYBELEC Cybtouch 12Ps controller comes as standard with all Eco-Bend Press Brakes.

It is much more than just bending;
Eco-Bend has been designed and produced by ERMAKSAN’s experienced engineers and reflects innovative Technologies.

Customer benefits

  • Low invesment cost.
  • High efficiency.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Minimum space requirement with compact design.
  • DNC600S, 9,4” 2D graphic screen with high resolution.
  • 1 axes (X) motorized back gauge.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
  • Easy installation and training.
  • Machined with high accuracy.
  • Hydraulic synchronized valve technology with its repeatable bending accuracy helps you get same bending quality across the full length of your work piece.
  • Upper beam positioning is made by linear scales with 500 times in a second and with 0,0025 mm precision rate.
  • Automatic calibration feature helps axis reference itself at the beginning.
  • Single axis back gauge (X=500) system moves fast on a ball- screw shaft.
  • Switched side doors for your protection.
  • Chromed and honed hydraulic cylinders keep its precision even in high tonnages.
  • Bottom tool holding unit allows you to use partial bottom tools.
  • HOERBIEGER hydraulic system.
  • Perfect bending results are achieved repeatedly by synchronized valve technology on cylinders.
  • SIEMENS electric systems.
  • 4V Bottom die allows you to make variety of bends on different thicknesses.
  • Easy to use and movable control unit allows operator to choose his working position.
CYBELEC Cybtouch 12ps (STANDARD)
  • Easy Operating
    • Large touchscreen, with vivid colors
    and high-contrast.
    • Hand drawing TouchProfile function.
    • Simple pages, clear display, large
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    • Complete programming for efficient
    mass-production with multiple
    • Easy single bends thanks to the
    EasyBend page.
    • Online help and interactive warning
    • Comfortable wireless software
    updating and data back-up using PC
    or Notebook.
    • USB port for memory sticks.
    • Large selection of languages
    • Various automatic calculations of
    bend functions.
    • Bending sequences and programs
    can be memorized.
    • Angle, pressure and crowning
    • Easy manual movement.
    • 4 axes control (Y1-Y2-X-R).
    • TouchProfile 2D graphic part
    creation with manual sequencing.
    • Bend allowance calculation.
    • Pressure – crowning calculation.
    • Each part or bend can have its
    specific tools.
    • Punch depth calculation.
    • Angle and back gauge correction.
    • Delivered with PC-ModEva offline

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