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EPL – Plasma Cutting Machine

EPL – Plasma Cutting Machine

Ermaksan is continuing to provide wide and flexible solutions by its new Plasma Cutting Machine has high and accuracy cutting quality, the advantageous of low working and investing cost, convenient for placing in a production line by providing flexible and wide different automation solutions.

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Ermaksan is continuing to provide wide and flexible solutions by its new Plasma Cutting Machine with its accurate cutting quality combined with the advantage of low working and investment costs.

Ermaksan Plasma Cutting Machine is produced with the latest production technologies and uses well-known worldwide standard CNC and cutting equipments.

High Plasma Technology provides high quality cutting on a wide range of material type and thickness.


Impressive Cutting Solutions

High technology, engineering and manufacturing processes  lead to the perfect plasma cutting machine.

Customer benefits

  • True Hole™ technology.
  • Low investment cost.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • 2-3 times more parts production per hour.
  • 15” touch screen Hypertherm®EDGE®PRO controller.
  • TurboNEST®plasma generator ans torch system for precise cuts.
  • Hypertherm®plasma generator and torch system for accurate cuts.
  • Explore new dimensions for your products with 5 axis EPL plasma machines.
  • Hundreds of machines working all around the world.
  • Easy installation and training.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
Gain a new dimension for your cuts with 5 axis EPL plasma machines
5 axis plasma cutting machine equipped with latest technology True Hole™ best plasma cutting machine, with cutting quality affecting you since first minute cutting starts.
  • Static and dynamic rigidity provided with 3D Solid works designing program
  • Multi- functional, high capacity Infinity CNC control programming
  • Siemens proven electrical system all over the world.
  • Moveable control panel group
  • CE certified, high reliability and low maintenance required compact Hypertherm and Kellberg well- proven plasma sources.
  • Original Ermaksan developed pneumatic cutting table instantly capable of opening the suction pneumatic covers to a more powerful suction where torch runs
  • Easy operating system with auto nesting
  • CE certified, high reliable compact IHT automatic height sensor in order to protect any collisions.
  • High accurate rack-pinion servo driven (optional multi-head synchronized or independent  torch and oxy-cut ) bridge
  • Unitized or gantry style plasma cutting table in order to meet with customer requirements

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