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MRM-H – Hydraulic Rolling Machine

MRM-H – Hydraulic Rolling Machine

This hydraulic model is designed for light to medium jobs.It is used in jobs up to 10 mm thickness materials. It is used in Aluminium Bendings, Air Conditioning Channels, Advertising Panels and Machinery Sheet Metal Covers.

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Standard Specifications:

– Steel – Welded main Frames
– Hydraulic Drop End
– Mobile Control Panel
– Motor Powered centralised Rolls
– Hydraulic Back Roll
– Main motor with Brake System
– Planetary Gearbox driven
– Conical Bending, Pre-Bending available
– Support System for top roll
– Back Roll with Ball – Bearings for thin sheet Works
– Built according to EC Safety Directives
– SAE 1050 certificated steel rolls with high tensile strength
– Hardened rolls
– 2 pcs. Digital-Read Out
– Users Manual

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